Last Day of School!

Tomorrow is the last day of school for us! I’m so excited but then again I’m so nervous because that means it’s my last day of being in grade 7 but more importantly, my last day of elementary school! Yup, that’s right. Next year is high school for me! I can’t wait for summer but I really can’t wait for our grade 7 grad. I was voted to be one of the two valedictorians. We’re all going to get dressed up and our teachers have already warned us how bad they’ll look because of their tears of goodbye. Tomorrow will be so fun! Have you already graduated from grade seven? If so how did it go. If not then is it already summer for you?

Goodbye fellow bloggers!



What’s your favourite season? Well mine is summer. I love summer becuase it’s so hot, fun in the sun and the best part is… there’s no school! In the summer my friends always invite me to hang out and go to parties and then they ask why I’m always so busy in the summer… well read these paragraphs  you’ll find out why.

The thing that takes up most time in summer is go on boating trips that can last up to two whole weeks. Every summer we go on about two week long trips. We dont just go for day trips like most people, we travel to the mainland and little hidden Islands.  Some places we go have pools, some have waterfalls and some have skysrapers like last summer we went to Vancouver city. It was so cool because we parked our boat right infront of huge towers because the marina we stayed at was right next to them. Your probably wondering about our boat and how we would live on a boat for 1-2 weeks, well it’s a 41ft boat with bedrooms and bathrooms and a kitchen of course it’s not huge inside so it’s always nice to come back home and have “space”.

Another thing we do on our boat other then long trips is tubing! Most of the time when we tube we envite our family’s close friends who also have a boat. There’s is smaller so we can go tubing off of it and it’s so much fun! The best part of tubing I think is when you crash against huge waves and fall off the tube. That is always one of my highlights of the Summer.

The last thing I’m going to say about my summers is that I love to swim. Wether it was at my friends house, my cousins house or even off of my boat. It’s so refreshing and healthy for you. Just knowing that makes it 10x more fun. I hope you enjoyed reading about my Summer, now it’s your turn to tell me about yours.

Proof Read By: Becky & Jenna


Step-by-Step to an Artist’s Rose

Today I’m going to teach you how to draw a beautiful rose that is so easy but looks so complicated. Follow these directions to get your friends making ooh’s and ahh’s!

1. Draw a long stem that starts out thickest and goes really thin, almost like a pin. At the top of the stem, the thick part, draw three leaves coming out. This will the base of you rose.

2. Next draw about two or three long waves for each row and make sure they curve at the end, these are the petals. Make them so that they are kind of scattered, not messy but just not perfect. You can do some shading if you want to make it really fancy.


3. As you get closer to the top of your rose, make the petals smaller and smaller then finally make the last petal on the top.


4. Add thin thorns down the stem and even a leaf if you really want! And you’re done!


Finished Picture 🙂


The Bush that Doesn’t Belong

Today we read a few articles about a spreading bush called Scotch Broom. Surprising enough Scotch Broom comes from Scotland! A man named Captain Walter Grant, brought it over to his farm on Vancouver Island to make it look more like his homeland in Scotland. This happened in 1850. He obviously didn’t know much about the weed to bring it over here because now it has taken over the whole Island and even the mainland.

In case you don’t know what it looks like, it’s got smallish yellow flowers and lot’s of them. They are very bright and look as if they are lite up (Plugged in). They have green stems and leaves and can grow almost anywhere in the open. You usually find it on the outside and border of a forest. It’s a problem because it’s taking up so much space and even destroying other plants. One of my friends dad’s job is too clear most of the unwanted broom away from the highways and replacing it with plants that are natural to our area.

Proof read by Becky and Summer.


Check out our Try-a-Trade Field Trip

Make a video of your own at Animoto. Video made by ME!

Have you ever poured concrete to make a picnic table? How about wiring a light bulb? No? We’ll now our class can say we have because we just went on a field trip to learn about future jobs we might want to have. We learned so much while we were  there.

We had students in grade 11, 12 and even college to teach us how to do all of these trades. They were not only teaching us, but being good role models because most of them were guys that were only 5 years older, but new that being in the trades was what they wanted to do for a living. They proved to us that you don’t have to wait to get out of high school to go after your dream career, you can start even at our age!

We had to wear safety classes and bright safety vests to make sure we were safe and well noticed in the construction site. The trades we participated in were dry walling, plumbing, electrical, carpentry and concrete pouring.  Basically all of the basics of building a house, not that you should trust me to build you a house or anything too serious.

🙂 Hope you enjoyed my little slide show!


Baking… One of my most Favourite Recipes of all!

Have you ever baked and if so what did you bake? Well, I love to bake and my favourite type to bake is chocolate chip! Partially because it’s the easiest but also it’s one of the tastiest! Mmm, the chocolaty, milky, sweet taste of chocolate chip cookies but the best part is knowing it took you almost no time at all to bake. To me that’s a home run!

I’m going to share with you guys one of my favourite, easiest recipes I’ve ever come across and if you like coconut and sugar then this is the recipe for you! It’s SOOO good and takes not time at all! Here it is:

This will make about 18 cookies!

You will need:

3/4 cups of white sugar

2  1/2  cups of unsweetened shredded coconut

2 large egg whites (when cracking the egg, don’t let the yolk out)

1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract

pinch of salt


  1. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper or spray it with a no cook baking spray.
  2. In a large bowl, combine everything in a large bowl (The sugar, coconut, egg whites, vanilla and salt). This is the fun part! Use  your hands to mix the ingredients together really well. If you want to make them chocolate coconut, then just add an amount of chocolate chips of your wish or even melt the chocolate and mix it with the regular mix!
  3. Wet your hands with cold water. Use a tablespoon or estimate with your hands to form mounds then place them on the prepared baking sheet. you should space them about 1 inch apart. Then put them into heated oven.
  4. Bake about 16-17 mins (Thats how long they say to bake it  but I usually only bake it for 12 mins)  Rotate the sheet halfway through. Bake until they are golden brown… And you’re done! Now you have beautiful sweet delicious macaroons!


Coconut macaroons

This is as dark as they should get.

Photo Credit: WordRidden via Compfight cc

“Beware the Online Filter Bubbles” on TED Talks

Our class watched a very mind changing video from TED Talks. What is TED Talks?  (Technology, Entertainment and Design) It’s an online website that talks about many different things. Usually things we don’t think about or talk about, facts we don’t know and hidden information about things we use everyday which is the category that the video we watched falls into.

In the video we watched today had a host named Eli Pariser who explained something no one ever knew about the Internet. The Internet processes everything you’ve searched in any kind of social network or Internet website, particularly Google and Facebook. It takes in what you’ve searched, where you are and what kind of a device you are using.  For example, if a person in Toronto, using a PC, searches Egypt and a person in Vancouver using a Mac, searches Egypt, might get a totally different search results pop up mostly depending on your past searches.

The Internet basically guesses from your past searches, what you would be looking for now. Most people will not be able to find the result they want because the Internet thinks they now want but it’s usually wrong. I think we should have more control of our results. This is really hard to explain so it would be easier for the both of us if you watch the video! Thanks!

Creature Behind the Door… Rose

Have you seen the Diamond door? It’s planked with a faded maple wood painted in hot pink. It has a small, hooked handle and is bordered with pea sized pebbles. Can you guess who lives there? Well, it’s a small, young fairy, about the size of your pinky. Her name is Rose.

One morning she woke up to the beeping of her cricket alarm clock at 6:30am but she decided to sleep in, so she reset it for a later hour.

That evening, she was flying for her life through a gloomy forest down the same path that her tree grows on. Just this time, it was past midnight and this path doesn’t look anything like it does under the daylight. She thought she was going to be exploring. She thought wrong. The gloomy, ice black forest seems as if it’s shrieking at her, trying to catch her. Rose Flies as fast as she has ever before! Her Long brown braids blow in the wind from her flying. Her rose dress starts to lose some petals. Rose likes to explore her forest but her Mama never let’s her go out after dark. Now she knows why.

“What is that moving behind the thorns? Is the forest trying to tell me something? Should I be scared? I need fly go back to my tree? Wait, where am I?” She asks herself. “I’m lost!!”she screams. You may not know that fairies don’t have loud voices but when they scream they have a high pitched, eerie shriek.

She continues to fly as fast as she can but she can no longer see where she is going but she realizes that she is losing her sparkly flying dust. Without it she can’t fly. She looks around quickly to see if there are any high tree branches to catch onto before she falls to the ground. She uses the pink glow from her wings to see through the fog but it’s just too thick. As if a piece of paper, she flutters down to the ground. Her small little body collapses to the dirty ground below her.

Finally she gets to her feet. Overgrown bushes take over the path. They appear as if they have black thorns and the leaves seem to be shriveling up as she glances around. She crawls up onto a rock and takes a better look around.
“What’s that fly, wait no… Small bird, oh no…” She takes a closer look as it races towards her. “Hawk!!!”she screams. She runs as fast as she can but as you know she’s only the size of a pinky so you can imagine the size of her legs. She has no chance of beating the hawk so she gave up and the last thing she saw was the throat of the Large bird.

“BEEP, BEEP, BEEP”, Rose groans as her hand fumbles around to smack the snooze button on her blasting alarm clock. Rose finally sits up in her comfy bed. As she squints her eyes and peers over to the blinding sunlight pouring through her sheer curtains, she spots her alarm clock which had read 7:30am.

My Favourite Animal… Puppies!

Everyone has a favourite animal and mine is the dog, but preferably puppies. Along with cat, dogs are the most common pet in North America. Here is a photo of my American Cocker Spaniel named Jake!


This is my own puppy!

My favourite kind of dog is the Yorkshire Terrier (a.k.a Yorkies). They are so tiny, cute and cuddly, although they can be quite yappy. 🙁 ….. But I still love them! They can weigh as little as 1lb! Crazy right?!

Whats your favourite type of pet? If it’ a dog, then what kind? Do you have one? Let me know with a comment! Thanks!


10 Jobs I Might Like to Have:

Wouldn’t it be cool if life was long enough to have the chance to perfor 10 of  your favourite jobs? Maybe you think the jobs would be good money makers our just plain fun! These aren’t in any order. Here’s my top 10 jobs I would like to do.

  1. I Think it would be really cool to own my own business or company… Who knows what it would be for, but it would just be awesome to be a CEO!
  2. Possibly be an achitect becuase I love to build beautiful buildings on Minecraft and Eden and my friends say I’m really good at designing and building things.
  3. Interior Designer because I love designing the living spaces of houses and again, my friends say I’m good at that too… I have great friends!  🙂
  4. A Chef or Baker because in my free time I love to bake and cook for my family.
  5. Professional soccer player because I LOVE soccer! If you’ve read my other posts you woud now that soccer is my all time favourite sport and to be a professional women soccer player would be the best!
  6. Artist because I adore painting and drawing and again if you’ve read my art post you’d know.
  7. Maybe I’ll be a clothing designer! From reading this you probably get the idea that I love to design things.
  8. I think it would be awesome to be a track and field star. I am so excited for this track and feld season again if you read my post about tyrack you would know my favourite events.
  9. Possibly an Art Professor because I always do art in my free time and it would be fun to teach it.
  10. Flight attendant because I would get good money and  would get to see the world.

I hope you liked reading about my possible future jobs! I’d also like to hear about your top ten future jobs. Hope to here from you guys soon!