10 Jobs I Might Like to Have:

Wouldn’t it be cool if life was long enough to have the chance to perfor 10 of  your favourite jobs? Maybe you think the jobs would be good money makers our just plain fun! These aren’t in any order. Here’s my top 10 jobs I would like to do.

  1. I Think it would be really cool to own my own business or company… Who knows what it would be for, but it would just be awesome to be a CEO!
  2. Possibly be an achitect becuase I love to build beautiful buildings on Minecraft and Eden and my friends say I’m really good at designing and building things.
  3. Interior Designer because I love designing the living spaces of houses and again, my friends say I’m good at that too… I have great friends!  🙂
  4. A Chef or Baker because in my free time I love to bake and cook for my family.
  5. Professional soccer player because I LOVE soccer! If you’ve read my other posts you woud now that soccer is my all time favourite sport and to be a professional women soccer player would be the best!
  6. Artist because I adore painting and drawing and again if you’ve read my art post you’d know.
  7. Maybe I’ll be a clothing designer! From reading this you probably get the idea that I love to design things.
  8. I think it would be awesome to be a track and field star. I am so excited for this track and feld season again if you read my post about tyrack you would know my favourite events.
  9. Possibly an Art Professor because I always do art in my free time and it would be fun to teach it.
  10. Flight attendant because I would get good money and  would get to see the world.

I hope you liked reading about my possible future jobs! I’d also like to hear about your top ten future jobs. Hope to here from you guys soon!


7 thoughts on “10 Jobs I Might Like to Have:

  1. Hi I’m Brynn. I’m a student from Mrs. Kriese’s class in Texas. I also like interior design,cooking and baking and clothes. I like how organized this writing is and I like that you explained why you want to have that job and why you think you would be good at it.


    • Hi Brynn,
      That’s so cool that we share the same interests! Thanks for the positive feed back and I’ll check out your blog soon!

  2. Hey Elysa,
    I would definitely want to be a ceo of a company. I also would want to be a pro baseball player and pro soccer player. My next job would be is to be a lawyer. I’m not sure how to add you to my blogroll so I’m going to ask my teacher so you should be on my blog by Monday or Tuesday. Talk to you soon.

    • Hey Anthony,
      Ya, I never thought to be a lawyer? That could be my 11th job I might like to have! Thanks for that! I’ll make a comment on your blog explaining how to add someone on a blogroll. Talk to you soon!

  3. Hey Elysa,
    I like number 7 because you could make any design you would want. I will comment on your blog again soon. Talk to ya later!

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